Dennis Eisnach – AARP National Policy Council volunteer

What do you do when you live in rural America and need a ride to the doctor’s office or have to pick up a prescription at the drugstore? Transportation is a basic need for seniors who want to age in place. This is a problem faced by seniors in rural America and many urban areas.

As people age they become more dependent on public transportation. In rural America where there is limited public transportation this becomes a serious issue. Many seniors living in rural areas are hundreds of miles from services to provide for their basic needs. Many have to depend on relatives and friends for transportation if they want to remain in their home.

In the long term, we cannot expected these volunteers to provide this transportation service indefinitely. This will result in seniors having to relocate into more expensive assisted-living programs, which means the outcomes are not as good and considerably more expensive.

Tune in July 24 as we explore what makes a community livable. From safer streets and affordable housing to improved transportation options and engagement opportunities, see how AARP’s work is making communities livable for all. Join the conversation by calling in to share what makes your community livable. Dial in toll-free during the show at 877-731-6733.

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