Careage Home and Health, the accessibility innovators behind barrier-free ‘Aging in Place’ living philosophy, are pleased to announce a comprehensive plan to act on the Government of BC’s ‘Accessibility 2024’ Action Plan, specifically in areas of Accessible Housing.

A recent study found that 90% of Canadians believe that people with disabilities are not fully included in society. The Government recently enacted a long-term accessibility plan, whose goals are to reduce barriers and increase accessibility for people living with disabilities. In the area of Accessible Housing, the government is measuring success by the percentage of B.C. publicly-owned housing that is accessible, and by the percentage of new homes that are built to be accessible.

Careage Home and Health is a leader in accessibility solutions for seniors and people with disabilities. Our comprehensive accessibility platform works together with the medical community, family caregivers, real estate, and senior service providers, to find real solutions that suit accessibility requirements. Part of our accessibility plan is to approach and work with members of government and community leaders to construct comprehensive accessibility implementation strategies that will lead to real progress.

“Accessibility solutions lead to broader social and economic benefit to Canadians,” said Mark Senner, owner of Careage Home and Health. “Careage is looking forward to working with members of government and the community to implement an effective, beneficial accessibility plan that sees real solutions to these longstanding problems.



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