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  • Can be installed in your house in as little as one day
  • Removes the risk of stair related accidents
  • Safe, stylish and affordable!

Your Home is Your Legacy

Your Options are More Affordable Than You Think!


Downsizing your house can cost up to 4X renovation costs.


The emotional stress of relocating can be immeasurable.


Stairs are the #2 cause of accidents in North America second only to motor vehicles!

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Stiltz Home Elevator vs Stairlift

Safe and secure

Can take multiple people

Place it almost anywhere

Can take laundry and other necessities between floors

Takes less than 20 seconds

Increases the value of your home

Can take a wheelchair

Still a high risk area for accidents on stairs

Takes only one person

Placed only on stairs

Not to be used to take laundry and other necessities between floors

Typically takes over one minute

Devalues the feel of your home

Cannot take a wheelchair

Stay close to friends & family!


Increase the value of your house by incorporating a universal design that is in demand for an ageing population.


Add the WOW! factor to your living space while attaining all around mobility.


Get your return on investment in less than six months worth of a retirement community costs.

Stiltz Residential Elevators Selection

We offer a complete residential elevator selection to suit most needs including the Stiltz Duo Alta House Elevator and Stiltz Trio Alta House Elevator and a standard install can take one day.


A Compact and Luxurious Home Elevator

The Stiltz Duo Alta through-floor Home Elevator is designed to make it easier for you to move around the house. Whether you’re starting to find the stairs a bit much, or are planning ahead by future-proofing, you will find a Duo Alta will fit discreetly into any home.


The Spacious Luxury Home Elevator

The Stiltz Trio Alta is a larger Home Elevator designed to comfortably carry a full-sized wheelchair. The clear body helps it blend into your home and the unique shape means the rails are discreetly recessed behind the slightly wider entrance/exit.

Other Stiltz Products

The entire range of Stiltz Home Elevators works on the principle that the lift car travels on two self-supporting rails which require no load-bearing walls. In most instances, a simple ceiling aperture is all the construction that is needed. The rails require minimal fixing points but are designed to offer all the strength and safety needed.

The Classic

The ever-popular Classic is our entry-level Home Elevator. The original solid-sided model is available as a Duo and the larger Trio lift.

It’s a dependable, proven and attractive Home Elevator with a high quality specification and numerous additional options available.

The Vista

The contemporary Vista is also available in two sizes; Duo and Trio. The Duo Vista has a clear lift car body to help it blend into whichever room it is installed in and to allow natural light to flood into, and through, the lift car. The Trio Vista has a clear back panel; ideal if the lift is placed in front of a window.

The Thru-Car

The Stiltz Thru-Car does exactly what it says it does – you can enter or exit from both sides of the lift car. This model is ideal for installation up to balconies or landings and also where three stops are needed in a bi-level home.

No other Home Elevator on the market is capable of utilizing this Thru-Car configuration – it is unique to Stiltz, thanks to our dual rail technology.

Small Footprint

The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator has one of the smallest footprints of any residential lift available and takes up less than 7sf.


Unlike other house elevators, Stiltz do not use noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems as our elevator lifts are powered by a quiet self-contained electric motor.

Fast Installation

Our home elevators are made up of modular sections which are all capable of passing through/under standard doorways and ceilings. This drastically reduces installation time.

Power Consumption

All Stiltz residential elevators are very efficient and use little electricity. The Stiltz Home Elevator is low on power consumption and very economical.

Unique Guide System

The two parallel and vertical guides bear the load of the entire residential elevator. As the guides are at the centre line of the lift they create a self-supporting structure which eliminates the need for load bearing walls.

Fast Installation

Our home elevators are made up of modular sections which are all capable of passing through/under standard doorways and ceilings. This drastically reduces installation time.

What Our Clients Say


“It costs a lot of money to move house but investing in a Stiltz residential elevator has meant we can stay in the home we love.”

Paul, 47


“My husband is in a wheelchair and Stiltz’s lift has given him his independence back and changed our lives.”

Anne, 46


“It’s absolutely wonderful and the elevator lift is very quiet too. My wife couldn’t be without it now. We’re very satisfied.”

Don, 80

Our Team

We are the official Stiltz Lift provider and a recognized ageing in place team with trained and certified personell to install and service Stiltz Lifts.

Mark Senner
President, Stiltz BC

Mark Blomfield
President, Stiltz USA


British Columbia

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