Ceiling Lifts


A ceiling lift is designed for the elderly who do not have enough mobility to move on their own due to decreased strength, balance or coordination.

For most ceiling lifts there is a track that is mounted on to the ceiling (however there are some portable lift options available) with a battery powered motor that lifts the senior in a sling. They allow the senior to move between hospital bed, wheelchair and commode. Ceiling lifts allows them to use the bathroom and to access a bathtub.


Why Use A Ceiling Lift?

Ceiling lifts are designed for seniors who are not able to transfer between furniture or mobility equipment. This can be due to weakness, pain, decreased coordination and or other health related issues. For the most part, it is better for the senior to be able to transfer on their own than to use a mechanical lift. That way they can maintain / improve their strength. However, this is not always possible and thus a ceiling lift is needed.

They are commonly set-up in the bedroom over the bed and used to transfer between bed, wheelchair and or their commode.

Also note that lifts are also commonly used to prevent injury to caregivers. Back and neck injuries can occur when transferring someone that needs moderate to maximum assistance without a lift.


Recommended Features

A good ceiling lift will include:


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Lift

There are several things to think about when purchasing a ceiling track lift:

Ceiling Lift Systems are typically and permanently installed into ceiling joists. Lift tracks can be any length and can even have curves. Great long term option as you could have track go all the way over toilet and shower/bath – depending on home design.


Other Types of Lifts
There are a number of other lifts that can move seniors in their home:



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