Family Caregivers & Aging-in-Place Solutions


We are Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists, and will work with seniors and their families to optimize a home suited to individual needs, while ensuring home value is maintained, comfort is enhanced, and safety is paramount.

We work with family caregivers to establish a firm plan for installation and service, including discussing optimal installation location, centralized control features, and deployment methods. We can discuss installation and deployment of everything from stairlifts and walk-in bathtubs, to complete, comprehensive home automation services. More information on our specific product installations can be found through the Installations tab.

Family members are encouraged to give feedback and suggestions to CareAge; we are here to ensure that the home optimization process is as comfortable and collaborative a process as possible.


Solutions Customized To Fit Your Needs


Every individual is unique with specific needs, as well as each space. See our full range of equipment and products to fit your application here.



We are here to make the transition seamless, speak with us about your family caregiver options. Contact Us

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