Wheelchair-RampWhether you are searching for temporary handicap ramps or more permanent ramps for someone that is disabled, Careage can help you find the perfect ramp. Handicap ramps are built using very high safety engineering standards and their design must pay particular attention to safety standards and especially the ramp slope. If there is too much of slope then there could be an accident and injury if the gradient on the handicap ramp plans is too steep.

Ramps for the disabled on mobility scooters are no different. Every ambulatory aid apparatus from a Zimmer frame (walker), four point quad cane or single point cane can be used on our ADA compliant ramps for the disabled which meet these handicap ramp specifications. Slip-proofed surfaces on aluminum temporary handicap ramps assure safety.

Customized ramps for the disabled

wheelchair-ramp-2Cane or walker assisted ambulation measures every single step forward for us as both an effort and an achievement. Moving forward and upward or downward with a slope or gradient presents an even greater challenge. The degree of the incline or decline makes a huge difference to all of us who are recovering from a stroke, heart attack or other weakening injury or condition.

The degree of the disabled ramp slope or gradient can create excessive exertion or simply be beyond the reach of our strength and endurance. Ramps for the disabled systems can be custom designed and built with our personal needs and limitations in mind. The slope of the “hill” that we must climb each day can be graded to meet our abilities and limitations. Threshold ramps for the disabled must be built with hope – the hope that our mobility and strength will improve with time and therapy.


Wheelchair ramp plans make safer ramps for the the disabled

Building a wheelchair ramp is a process which requires medical information from your physical therapist and rehabilitation physician. Wheelchair dependence is hopefully a temporary condition. Ramps for the disabled are also a solution which we hope is only temporary.

Your physical therapist will move you from wheelchair to walker to cane as quickly as your condition and strength permit. Once your mobility and independence are restored, your aluminum wheelchair ramps for the disabled can be disassembled and removed. Wheelchair ramps for homes are now designed to be portable and easily removed when ramps for the disabled are no longer necessary.