embrace-walk-in-shower-enclosure-211__600Walk in showers offer a broad selection for safety, accessibility, style and independence. Style is always an option – safety is not, however you can choose both. Have the best of both worlds with a walk-in shower design by Careage Home and Health Inc. Choose from a colorful selection of Stone, or solid surfaces that can lend the look of luxury to any walk in shower enclosure. Our stone and solid surfaces are strong, long lasting, seamless, non-porous and come with a warranty. Walk in shower design begins with a measuring tape of the available space in the residence.

Showers for the elderly can be a simple walk in shower enclosure or be equipped with bathroom aids for the elderly or disabled bathroom aids. Anti slip shower mats, a disabled shower stool, a wheeled shower chair and shower wheelchairs for disabled are a few walk in shower ideas. Viewing walk in shower pictures will assist you with choosing your preferences. A walk in shower with seat, molded as part of the shower stall or installed to fold down as needed, is another feature to consider in your walk in shower design. Your walk in shower enclosure must include walk in shower design elements to assure your safety and convenience to maintain your independence at home.

Walk in shower design can help us maintain our independence at home.

wetroom-walk-in-shower-panelAccessibility solutions are mastered by Careage walk in shower design solutions. Shower wheelchairs for disabled can access a walk in shower with innovative walk in shower design. A removable and replaceable shower threshold will permit access and then block water seepage once replaced. Other low threshold designs are available as walk in shower design solutions. Grab bars, flexible hand-held shower spigot sprays and non slip mats are safety features. Classically styled multi-piece walk in showers, shower pans, cantilever tubs and senior walk in bathtubs offer a realistic approach towards renovation with a focus on accessibility and safety. Walk in shower design and other Careage bath ware products appeal to those who value independence in their lives. You can have the best of both worlds – safety and style – in your walk in shower enclosure.