nisStraight3-bigStairs present a significant hazard for many seniors, and those who live in a house with stairs often face a difficult decision: leave their home for a single level residence or install stair lifts that will allow safe movement up and down the existing stairways in a home.


Chair Lift for Stairs Safety

The elderly, handicapped and people suffering from mobility problems face a serious challenge to pass through the stairs and stairs can be quite dangerous to them. These people with mobility issues are highly vulnerable to falling down the stairs leading to serious injuries. One-time investment in purchasing chair lifts for stairs eliminates the mobility challenge faced by such people with safety.

Besides providing a safe and secure method of moving through stairs, the stair chair lifts also secure a sense of independence among the people suffering from mobility issues. These people can easily pass through the stairs having a chair lift whenever they want to, without the need of any household member to help them.

stairlift-pic-1However, you should remember that even though the stairway lifts have been designed to resolve the concerns of stair falls; the chair lifts for stairs are not completely free from any flaws and pose new apprehensions that need to be tackled. You need to purchase a chair lift for stairs, which is secure and stable. So, if you are planning to install any chair lifts for stairs in your home, you have to take note of these concerns. For example, you must ensure that model of the chair lift for stairs you have decided to install in your house also contains a battery as an alternate power source so that your loved ones using the chair are not stranded in case of a blackout. This becomes particularly important if your area is subject to the frequent power outages.

Similarly, if your loved one is having difficulty in bending, you need to consider standing models of stair chair lifts. You may also consider a wheelchairs model of stair chair lifts instead of the simple ones for those having trouble in moving. Here is a promotional video from one popular manufacturer that shows some of the many safety features found in most chair lift for stairs models.

For many seniors, the cost of installing stair lifts in their home will be far less than moving to a new home. Stair lifts also make homes much more safe and easy to move about for many seniors.