senior handrailIt’s often that only when an accident occurs that loved ones looks at safety measures within and around the household. Falls are the most common type of injury sustained by the elderly – most occur within the household and often can cause severe injury. In fact most hospitalizations for fractured bones and other types of trauma in the senior years arises from falls. Simple precautions like installing handrails in the home, at key spots like the staircase and in the bathroom, can help to play a major role in reducing the chances of falls with your elderly loved ones.

What Are Handrails?

A handrail is a wall fixture that allows for grip to provide support and stability. It is often a standard feature on a staircase but in the home of a senior, the positioning of handrails should extend beyond just a staircase. The purpose of a handrails is to be able to bear the weight of a person so that it can be used as a support or stability grip when walking, rising, bending over or even just standing.

Locations of Handrails in the Home

senior handrail 2Handrails can be installed at any number of areas in the household, below are a few examples:

These are areas where handrails may be helpful to elderly loved ones and other various locations may be identified for the specific needs of a person.