Seniors at home are a growing concern for an ever-increasing segment of family caregivers. Baby boomers are reaching their golden years and are still healthy and active enough that they don’t require much more than a checkup now and then.

home-automationHome automation is perfect for seniors that live at home alone. There are several options for home automation systems, including both wired and wireless home automation systems, both of which can be installed by yourself or professionally installed.

Most home automation systems have the most basic feature sets that make it easier for seniors at home to get along with a minimum of outside help. The most basic home automation systems allow for the lighting and usually heating and cooling systems to have the ability to be controlled remotely, either from a central control panel, a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

controlintergration4Home automation systems are beginning to take over the basics of a seniors daily life. With the right refrigerator and with an Internet connection, seniors that live at home don’t need to remember a shopping list for groceries and other necessities. The refrigerator can take and keep inventory of what is inside and help place the proper orders if this service is available locally. Otherwise, the shopping list can be printed and given to a shopping caregiver, or it can be emailed to the person that does the shopping for the seniors.


Wireless Systems Aid Seniors at Home

Companies are making both wired and wireless home automation systems, and hybrid systems that combine features of both. With wired systems, home automation control occurs through the building’s wiring or wiring that is specifically installed for the system.


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