Senior Service Providers & Accessibility Solutions


CareAge works with manufacturers to equip homes with features and products designed to remove barriers, and increase accessibility, while ensuring safety, in an effort that make the living needs – and dreams – of seniors into realities.

We work with Senior service providers to meet the needs of seniors in terms of accessibility, comfort, quality and affordability. We have relationships with most major equipment manufacturers, and have a comprehensive network of industry contacts. Our goal is to find the best fit for clients, at the best price. More information on specific products can be found through the Installations tab.

All of our products are warranty-ensured, and are built with superior craftsmanship by companies in Canada and the United States. We are proud to utilize products and services that exceed industry standards.


Solutions Customized To Fit Your Needs


Every individual is unique with specific needs, as well as each space. See our full range of equipment and products to fit your application here.

Platform Lifts


We are proud to work with exceptional partners, and are happy to pass the benefits to you. Contact Us

More CareAge Services

Real Estate

Accessibility equipment must also fit and work within your home. The option of selling your home or de-integration of equipment are always possibilities.

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Family Caregivers

Having family involved can be seamless but only once you have the proper measures in place. Speak with us to have your home fitted-out professionally.

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Medical Community

CareAge strives to be at the forefront of the industry. Speak with us about commercial Medical applications; we can provide the tools necessary for the application.

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