Mark Senner
President & CEO
Occupation:Web Programmer

Mark Senner’s passion for helping people with mobility and accessibility limitations inspired him to co-create CareAge Home and Health Inc. In his previous role as a mobility and accessibility company franchise owner, Mark, through his own personal experience of working and caring for a parent suffering from a debilitating stroke, quickly realized that there was a significant need for expertise in providing accessibility solutions for his clients homes. At the time of this event, access to skilled, knowledgeable and professional services and products was difficult to access and the experience overall was very fractured and stressful. The vision for the creation of CareAge, as a certified Aging in Place (CAPS) Company was to build and operate an innovative all-inclusive company that blends our certified expertise for the incorporation of specialized supportive accessibility equipment with that of a builder-renovation company focused on the needs of those that need home modifications due to a catastrophic event, progressive neurological disorder or simply for our clients that have the desire to Live in Place for their lifetime. It was his goal to develop a company that was a “one stop shop” for creating or modifying homes to improve safety and accessibility while applying the principles of Universal and Inclusive design to create beautiful and functional living spaces. It is the goal for the overwhelming majority to live out their years in their own homes. Mark felt that the market needed a company like CareAge to fulfill this objective. The focus to help his clients “Make Your House a Home for a Lifetime”, became the mantra for the company. With insight to the growing need for our building expertise and embracing the rapidly changing innovations in this area, CareAge is destined to become the preeminent pioneer in the field of providing accessible, innovative and inclusive living solutions for our clients.

In his role as President, Mark is responsible for leading the management team and setting the strategic direction for CareAge Inc., to provide the products and services to improve the functional living environment of our clients homes with the primary focus to prevent falls, the number one concern for all. His extensive 30+ years of business experience in sales, management and operations with public and private companies in the pharmaceutical, health care and Life Sciences fields has helped to propel the company’s success.

Mark also recognizes, given his longstanding business career and acumen, that developing strategic business alliances with key organizations and manufacturers to support our business is the key to our growth, development and to bring continuous innovation, change and expertise to better support our partners and clients.
Outside of work, Mark enjoys his family, pets and is an enthusiastic participant in the outdoors, arts and culture. Mark enjoys hiking, skiing, biking and generally keeping active overall. Physical fitness is very important to him. Mark also enjoys the arts, culture and colours of the city to which he is a native – Vancouver. He brings all of this to provide greater strength and depth to his career and to better serve his company, clients and relationships overall. Building and maintaining key relationships both in personal, family and business are the key ingredients to his success. Mark and his team look forward to working with all those to deliver on our goal to “Make Your House a Home for a Lifetime”

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